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Expressing gratitude to the people who are/were there for you, as well as taking the time to reflect upon the past year are indeed valuable activities.

To illustrate, when I reflected upon my three words from last year, Daring, Connection and Self-Care, I realized that while I had not recently thought of those words (and had taken down my image from my wall at some point), I had in fact, made some progress on all three fronts.

For example, in the area of self-care, I had wanted to improve in the areas of food, exercise and sleep. While I definitely have more work to do here, I have made exercise a part of my life. I also eat breakfast more often than I had before (I used to always skip it) and sometimes, I am better about my before bedtime habits/routine.

This review made me feel more positive about the "three word" exercise and my ability to change (I saw also examples in the area of connection and dare). Prior to taking the time to actually reflect, I had thought that I had failed but that was because I was looking at the glass half empty. Now, I'm looking at the glass half full and it is giving me a very good feeling about my past as well as my future.

Going back to gratitude, I'd like to express my appreciation for your friendship and the inspiration you provide via the posts you write and/or share on social media.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new year!

Shahrzad Arasteh

Dear Dorlee,

Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful comment, sharing your experience with your three words for 2014 (I remember them!), and very kind words. I am delighted to hear reflecting on the wonderful progress you've made in all three areas has been a window to appreciating all you've accomplished and all the good things yet to come!

Thank you! I also appreciate your kind friendship and the wisdom and gentle spirit with which you enrich our community. You provide so much value and the resources you share are always focused on leveraging strengths and offering encouragement. Thank *you*!

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