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Mary Wilson

Shahrzad, thanks so much for this article. I have gotten a lot of questions from clients about the endorsement feature, whether it's a good idea, how to do it, etc. This was helpful, as I didn't realize that the blue box was generated by LinkedIn. I will definitely pass this along to others.

Shahrzad Arasteh

Thank you, Mary. It's always great to see your thoughtful comments. This LinkedIn feature has certainly generated many questions for all of us (especially if we do career coaching and training) and our clients. I'm glad you found the post helpful.

Lori Dickert

Great post on a LinkedIn best practice! I especially like your tip about where to endorse others, and staying away from the "blue box". As a social media manager, I am always telling my readers that best practices involve integrity and honesty. There is no integrity in endorsing someone for skills you don't even know if they have. Again, great post and thanks for sharing, I've shared it with my readers as well.

Shahrzad Arasteh

Thanks so much, Lori!I completely agree with your great advice on behaving with integrity and honesty. Thanks for reading and for sharing your helpful comment! (Thanks, especially, for using your role and expertise as a social media manager to teach others well!)


Wow I have been endorsing for the wrong reasons.

Anita Dewling

This is great advice! I have had this exact dilemma happen where someone endorsed me for a skill that was worded another way in my profile.
Thanks for posting this Shahrzad!

Shahrzad Arasteh

Great to see you here, Anita! Thank you for your kind feedback. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a one-woman mission to prevent the pitfalls that come with the endorsement feature,and help LI users get the most out of it :-)

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